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Instead of watching the ball drop with loved ones, I have gazed up, in awe and confusion, as the members of Phish (a quartet of grown men) ride in on a giant hot dog high above the noodling masses of New York’s Madison Square Garden.While singing a song named “Meatstick.” Partially in Japanese.Not being with my husband on New Year’s isn’t optimal. Scamming unsuspecting lovers via dating sites is not uncommon, but people can usually spot a fake profile from a mile away.“It’s reassuring to know that we’re all going through it together,” my friend Gillian said.Ellen Scanlon, who is married to a Phish fan in San Francisco, may have said it best when she told me that rather than harping on her husband’s Phish obsession, she “decided to focus more on asking myself, What do I like to do?Flights, hotels, tickets, and signed concert posters are not inexpensive.

“It was almost as good as a Britney show,” Anita noted. My gold medal Phish Wife moment, though, has to be New Year’s 2013, which I attended at nine months pregnant (in the comfort of a friend’s company box with a very impressive dessert buffet, but still).Miner, the preeminent Phish blogger and set-list analyzer.“They did ‘Weaselface,’ ‘Bubble Trouble,’ straight into ‘Spongehead,’” Key and Peele mocked of the morning-after set-list reflection ritual.Once, a friend of my husband’s casually referenced “The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday”—you know, the title of Anastasio’s senior thesis. That same friend’s wife—we’ll call her Anita, because she’d rather her real name not be Google-able in an article about Phish—found out on their second date that he was into Phish when “he let slip that Page Mc Connell’s father was a doctor.” It struck her that the handsome, thoughtful investment banker across the table knew what the .”Phish superfans like Anita’s husband and mine are sneaky that way.Though stereotyped as hemp-necklace-and-hacky-sack stoners (aka “wookies”), many Phish-heads are employed, (largely) responsible adults who work in corporate America, avoid all illegal activity, and simply never fell out of high school love with Phish jams like “Gotta Jibboo.” CNBC’s Dan Greenhaus is an open Phish-head, and so is the ardent group of political journalists who gather via the Listserv Journo Phish.

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