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Action planning and continuous improvement pay for the cost of the research many times over.

Overview Building process evaluation activities into programme implementation and using the results of these activities to conduct continuous quality improvement is perhaps one of the most important yet overlooked strategies in public health practice.

This section provides information on how to design a process evaluation that will inform and improve programme implementation.

Details on types of tools and assessments that can be used, and examples of indicators specific to NCD evaluations will be provided.

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It is often the richness of qualitative methods that provides the more detailed, in-depth, language, context and relationship between ideas that best informs programme process.

The process assessment is integral to identifying cultural, social, and political facilitators of, and barriers to, the process of lifestyle behaviour change.

Intervention strategies and outputs are tracked and analyzed to better understand the implementation process.

Validation surveys are second nature to us including read and record of existing mechanical, electrical and controls systems, typically within buildings scheduled to be fitted out or altered to Cat A or B.

This may involve working to guidance such as BSRIA BG35/2012 Condition Surveys and Asset Data Capture.

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