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But whether it’s school, a job, or even that week apart for your bachelor and bachelorette parties, you might wake up one morning with all sorts of space between you and your partner.

While it might not seem like it when you’re together every day, putting miles between you and your partner will really hammer home the fact that your sex life plays a huge role in your connection to one another.

Being a hopeless romantic at heart, Archer is indeed - a fine addition to our pool of writers.

There have been some weird reality shows over the years, but Sex Box might have them all beat.

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If you want to just say “Hi” or “I’m thinking of you,” give your bracelet a squeeze, and your partner will feel your touch, even on the other side of the world. Adjust the intensity, switch up the vibration patterns, or even create a pre-set pattern that you know will take your partner to the edge.

The Lovense Body Chat app gives you full control over your own (or your partner’s) toy, and adds text and video chat options for the ultimate phone sex.

You can even set your toys up to vibrate and move along with music.

It could be painfully easy to mistake fallacy from reality when it comes to chatting with different kinds of people online.

Have you ever had the guts to ask someone out in real life?

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