Reformed baptist dating

I had no idea that "Reformed" singles also wanted to do the courtship thing.Perhaps our Reformed readers could let us know if that is true? Tired of meeting people online who don't share your beliefs, never heard of biblical courtship, or aren't really serious about marriage? "As an exceedingly-blessed husband for more than 30 years and a pastor for 25, I'd insist that you cannot over estimate the importance of sound doctrine to a solid relationship.However, he or she will likely change on their own. May we try to find ways to love and live with one another as we walk through the challenges of this life which will change us and cause us to grow in directions that we could never imagine.We are members of one Body and it is amazing how God can work through our differences to make us into a loving and caring community.I think it is wise to evaluate your potential mate from the perspective of change.I do not mean that you can make that potential spouse change because that rarely, if ever, works.Allison wrote me a week or so ago and asked me if I would “address the issue of being mindful and watchful of single ladies in the church who weren’t expecting to go seeking for an established career.I know there is a contingency of female readers who read your blog and Berkhof’s systematic theology among other things.

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I want to do a post in which I slap both Arminians and Calvinists upside the head for arrogance.

How does the unity of the Christian body line up with the post-Reformation, fractured denominations that we see today?

It seems that we split over all sorts of things: baptism, governance, creationism,spiritual gifts, communion, music style and on and on.

It appears that the people behind a new website think there is money to be had in finding mates for Calvinist singles.

And they are betting that it isn't just chump change.

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