Selectonemenu not updating backing bean

Other components (Html Input Text and Html Select One Menu) are working well. I posted another topic on Input Rich Text explains a problem I had with Input Rich Text. When the page submits, you should see it is called twice.The Input Rich Text also doesn't display the value I set in the managed bean. Now change the values of components inside red rectangle. First from the backing bean, then again from ICEfaces.Hi, I have few issues setting values to components from the managed bean. The strange thing is these components (Html Select Many Checkbox and Html Select One Radio) work if the partial Submit is true.I have a page with check boxes, radio buttons, a drop down, an input text and an input rich text. (I don't want partial submits for these components) I created a sample project from Eclipse Ganymede. I tested the application with Apache Tomcat 6.0.16.Normally, thin-client multitiered applications are hard to write because they involve many lines of intricate code to handle transaction and state management, multithreading, resource pooling, and other complex low-level details.The component-based and platform-independent Java EE architecture makes applications easy to write because business logic is organized into reusable components.

What is the JSF way of doing this with no manual javascript and no listener method on my java class.

I hope this forum post is clear and you will get a clear idea if you can run my sample project. If I add "partial Submit="true"" to ice:select Many Checkbox and ice:select One Radio, then ice:select Many Checkbox and ice:select One Radio components display the correct values. As such, the change in value is not detected (and thus this method) is not actually called until the containing form is eventually submitted. As the command Button component submits the form by definition, if in the clear button's action listener you change the values in the backing bean which the components' values are bound to (hope that came out clear), the components will be refreshed with their new values (even if the command Button and your other components all have partial Submit turned off).

The drop down component on the other hand, does not submit the form unless partial submit is turned on.

The message associated with the "type" is displayed under the "Message" panel. I set the corresponding values to components inside the listener method. : D What is happening is not easy for me to explain.. The FCKedior 2.6.2 is also included in the JAR file.

The "Clear" button will reset the values and the "Save" button will save the changes to the selected "type". I hope this WAR file will help you to reproduce the problem I mentioned before.

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