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I feel participating in a site like this is dangerous, damaging to self-esteem, objectifies women, etc.My question is this: Does anyone in the BPN community have any recommendations of articles/essays/etc.What if she gets in trouble for possession of photos of another minor child?

In the meantime, I have been trying to learn more about what I should do. What is a good program for monitoring the internet? ...maybe she was being set up and it would be great to stop them from pursuing her or any other children.elena Your daughter has a mistaken and immature notion of an employers obligation ''not to discriminate.'' You may not discriminate based on a protected class of traits, you can absolutely choose not to hire an otherwise qualified candidate based on a work history that includes pornography, and make no mistake there are plenty of jobs that will not be available to someone who has been in porn (e.g.anything requiring a security clearance, anything involved with working with children, professions that value character, etc.).that I could pass on to her to give her some insight into my view? I know there are a lot of great feminist writers out there - I'm not an expert so I hope someone can provide a good list. People still suffer the consequences and can do little or nothing to prevent it or punish it.Not anything long or academic or hard to understand -- just something that might make sense and open her eyes to my viewpoint so we can keep talking about it. Susie Bright comes to mind immediately - and I think she's pretty accessible. All I'd like to add: Regarding your daughter's comments '''s illegal to discriminate'' - yes, but how often does it still happen? And ''wouldn't want anything to do with anyone judgmental'' - well, we ALL are, if you think about it.

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