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She cites Internet accessibility as one of the contributing factors to the increase in viewing in recent years.

This is true enough, as anyone can now access hundreds of thousands of videos via snippet sites that allow users to upload video clips and share with others for free.

This might explain why 53% of the women report enjoying lesbian scenes (at least two women, no men present) as one of their top three genres.They’re no longer waiting for sex to be done them; they are making it happen for them in ways that not only get them off but empower them.Like with anything in excess, some women can develop addictive habits around watching porn, and I caution anyone experiencing this to reach out and get help.About 32% of the women surveyed say they avoid porn that degrades women, while 27% say they don’t feel bad watching porn that features women being degraded because they choose to make the videos.Even more interesting is that 25% of women say they feel bad about the women being degraded but are still aroused, and 21% say they actually get off on the images of women being sexually degraded.

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    ” In the example above, the patronymic name indicates that Ilya is the child of Aleksandr.