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For some time we had been becoming more and more dysfunctional as a family unit because of the increasing tension between Mom and Dad, who had finally got to the stage of completely ignoring each other.Strangely enough this was actually worse to live with than when they were screaming and arguing with one another.Without releasing her I moved over to my bed and sat down, with her cuddled by my side, and attempted to put her mind at rest, "Don't worry so much, Rachel.I'm sure that they will work it out and everything will be Ok again.As you can see we were travelling in relative comfort and lack of money was definitely not causing the problems between our parents.We both had plenty of reading material and some games and, with plenty of spending money, we would have a nice trip except for the boredom.There was also a tray, holding a flask of hot water, milk and drink sachets, on the window table and we decided to have a cup of tea and watch the lights flash by before retiring for the night.

It was still very dark when I woke, surprised that I had managed to get any sleep at all, to find that Rachel had turned over during the night and was now cuddled in closely, face to face with me.I managed to move just enough to keep my hard-on from touching her but I didn't have the willpower to stop myself sliding my hand gently down her back and, slipping it under the elastic of her panties, gently cupping her bare buttock.The sensation and feel of the smoothness of her skin and the softness of her plump cheek was almost too much to bear and I couldn't make myself remove my hand.Even if they don't, you know that they both love us and wouldn't do anything to hurt us.Neither Mom nor Dad would ever split us apart or try to cut the other one out of their lives. Trust me." I did my best to sound completely sincere and hoped that I had succeeded. There's not much we can do about it anyway, I suppose." Rachel sounded a bit more cheerful, "Would you just hold me for a while, please." "Silly, of course I will.

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