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For further information on any of the organisations - just follow the website link/s or where there are no website links available email us at Part of West Lothian Council's service.Their aim is to work with anyone over the age of 16 who can set goals to improve literacy and numeracy skills or who is experiencing hearing loss and wishes to learn lip-reading skills.If you would like […] The West Lothian Higher English Masterclass Programme starts on the 9th of February.It runs from 1.00pm until 2.30pm We are hosting the events, which also run on 23rd Feb, 16th & 30th March and 20th April. […] WORLD-LEADING PIANIST TO PLAY IN LINLITHGOW – STEVEN OSBORNE One of the world’s top pianists, Steven Osborne, is coming to play in Linlithgow on Saturday 3rd February.

Please come and support their fundraising event on Wednesday 14 February at break in the Crush Hall (outside the Assembly Hall).

Listed below are some organisations / support groups that provide information and advice about mental health.

Although the information was originally collected for use within the Linlithgow community we hope the list could be useful to others.

Helps bereaved children deal with the loss of either a parent or sibling by providing support, information and advice.

Website has different zones for kids, teens and adults (including school teachers). Centres across Scotland provide confidential helpline and counselling service, miscarriage support, information about abortion and alternatives, post abortion counselling.

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