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Democratic Unionist Party MP Jeffrey Donaldson claimed the motion was an excuse for “anti-British sentiment”.A committee of the Dublin parliament and a number of human rights groups have also raised concerns about the practice of strip-searching at Maghaberry.In another home, a 15 year old member of Saoradh’s youth group, Eistigi, was held at gun point by screaming members of the ‘Emergency Response Unit’, leaving him shaking with fear.Personal property was seized including phones, laptops and other computers.Posted by Jim on February 10, 2018 Sinister agenda of prison authorities Republican prisoners have condemned the authorities in Maghaberry prison over a new clampdown on educational and historical materials at the jail.The latest incident involves the memoir of former IRA diretor of operations, ‘My Life in the IRA’ by Mick Ryan.It was prohibited just days before it was broadcast on the BBC.The Cogus spokesperson described the move as “sectarian” and “alludes to an agenda that is both anti-Irish and anti-nationalist.

Billy died on Friday and his burial yesterday coincided with the 46th anniversary weekend of the Bloody Sunday massacre in Derry city. He took part in the march and stood in the killing grounds of the Bogside.That day in 1972 British soldiers killed 14 unarmed marchers who were engaged in peaceful protest against internment without trial in the north of Ireland.One week previously another anti-internment protest was attacked by British soldiers on Magilligan strand.Those targeted had been engaged in normal political activity, highlighting national issues such as internment and the homelessness crisis, as well as local issues like road safety.“Several of the activists targeted yesterday are vocal in their condemnation of the 26 county administration,” Saoradh said.

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