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Suraiya in her heyday was known as 'Malika-e-Husn' (queen of beauty), 'Malika-e-Tarannum' (queen of melody) and 'Malika-e-Adakaari' (queen of acting), all rolled into one. Later, from 1942 onwards, when she started singing for films as a 12 year old, her school principal Miss P. Patuck told her father not to let her be absent from school during school days.In a career spanning from 1936 till 1963, Suraiya sang 338 songs in films (which were mostly her own films) and 2 in addition were non-film songs, namely, 'tum rahe kahan ko piya' and 'hum tum karenge pyar'. She sang for Mehtab in three films in 1942–43 and also acted and sang in a few films as a child artist. Later in life, Raju Bharatan wrote extensively about Suraiya in his books, while Raj Kapoor was her hero in one of her films; Dastan (1950), and Madan Mohan composed music for her film Khubsoorat (1952).In the film she had a duet dance and her song with Arun Kumar, " Bistar bicha diya hai tere ghar ke samne' became very popular and is even remembered to this day by the elder generation. He recommended her to Desai, opposite himself in Tadbir (1945). Although by then she had a few hit songs, the four solo songs which she sang in Parwana for music director Khwaja Khurshid Anwar made her a genuine singer-film star.

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Vakil noticed the charm and innocence of young Suraiya and selected her to play the role of young Mumtaz Mahal. Both were associated with her later as an adult, as her hero and as her music director respectively in films. As soon as music director Naushad Ali heard Suraiya's voice, he chose her to sing (at age 13) for Mehtab in Abdul Rashid Kardar's film Sharda (1942).Dev Anand proposed to her in 1950, during the shooting of the film Afsar, yet she did not marry him because of her family's resistance. She remained a lifelong spinster.) Hindi/Hindustani film actress and playback singer in Bollywood from the 1940s to the early 1960s, who remained unmarried throughout her life, after her love affair with actor Dev Anand was aborted by her maternal grandmother.She was the most popular singing star of the Indian sub-continent of her generation.She first sang for a children's program for All India Radio in 1937.Later on Naushad gave her on the job 'training', while recording.

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