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One young person told me, “We were always told not to have sex before we are married…but no one told us how to do that.

No one told us what the boundaries were.” Do you know what the boundaries are?

This intuitive guide was designed with youth leaders and parents/guardians in mind.

We understand that speaking to teens about the sensitive topics of sex and dating can be overbearing.

But have you considered that God didn’t have to do it this way?

He could have designed us to reproduce like plants or so that sex was just another biological function and nothing special or pleasurable. Scientists recognize the sex drive as one of the strongest drives in human beings.

Some have reasoned that only sexual intercourse is actually sex and so anything else is because it isn’t really sex and so it isn’t really wrong.

These teens conclude that as long as both of you want to do it, what’s the problem?

We encourage you to work as a team to educate our young people.

Magazine covers feature barely clothed young women, and the article titles say things like “50 Ways to Drive Your Man Wild in Bed.” Playing with leaves We find graphic depictions of sexual activity in novels, science fiction, music, movies and television.

In fact, current statistics show that ⅔ of all network prime time television includes sexual content—averaging more than five scenes an hour!

Long passionate kisses, fondling, petting and so forth are all part of the act of sex.

They are designed to prepare a husband and wife physically, mentally and emotionally to consummate the act with intercourse.

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