Shamita shetty dating

Shilpa, after all, was famously single despite voluptuous good looks that stare down from the bedroom walls of millions of teenage boys. So when the 32-year-old millionaire and Shilpa Shetty were first seen together last summer, a bit of speculation was inevitable.I did love him and I did want to marry him and I lost out on a lot of work because people thought we were getting married.I used to be so vulnerable-and naive and it took that experience to make me wake up." The episode taught her a great deal about taking control of events.Raj Kundra, she said, was no more than a business partner. Prompted perhaps by a new-found sense of happiness and security, Shilpa has confirmed to The Mail on Sunday that she and Raj are an item, her first romance since she arrived on British television screens last winter.In an unusually frank interview, the actress-turned-reality TV star reveals that the new relationship has transformed her life, bringing a long period of loneliness to an end."I hope he will be the one but I don't want to say too much because it is still very early on in our relationship." It is pretty clear that the man in question is Raj, a London-born entrepreneur, who, it is claimed, has made a fortune with jewellery and film businesses here and in India - although few formal records of his wealth exist in this country.

They were together again at the IIFA awards, the Bollywood "Oscars" held in Leeds."I'm eulogised by a lot of men, but they wouldn't take me home to meet their mothers." But there may be other reasons for Shilpa's caution, reasons that go beyond the natural modesty expected of Hindu women.For if Raj Kundra is Mr Right in most respects, the very public emergence of his angry ex-wife and a baby of 15 months have complicated matters.I have known him for about only six months, which was four months after his wife had left home and he had already got a divorce by then." This is not the only occasion she has been mixed up in romantic speculation; she has learned her caution the hard way.In 2005, she was said to have become close to Bollywood director Anubhav Sinha. In this case, too, Shilpa has been adamant there was no wrongdoing.

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