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Bloomberg TV anchor Emily Chang has become one of tech’s most influential interviewers in recent years.

But her forthcoming book promises to get 2018 off to an ugly start for Silicon Valley, which is still reeling from a year of sexual harassment allegations.

The excerpt focuses on anonymous tales of what it subtly calls “Sex Parties of the Tech and Famous.” In essence, tech bros, singled and married, organize large, drug-fueled parties where men pick and choose sex partners from the abundance of attractive women invited.

“If you do participate in these sex parties, don’t ever think about starting a company or having someone invest in you. Silicon Valley has long had a reputation for lacking female founders and venture capital partners.

being kind of a rude b****.'Following the awards show, Katie Jacobs Stanton, a Twitter vice president, wrote an essay titled, 'My first and last time at the Crunchies.' In it, she blasted Miller's comedy routine, saying the themes were 'hostile' toward women and that she was glad she didn't bring her daughter to the show.

Stanislas Wawrinka’s defeat of Rafael Nadal in the final of the Australian Open last weekend was a milestone not just in the career of a 28-year-old Swiss tennis player but also in the posthumous life of one of the 20 century’s most unswervingly pessimistic writers. But those six disembodied imperatives, from the text’s opening page, have in their strange afterlife as a motivational meme come to much greater prominence than the text itself.

(“Despair young and never look back,” he once counseled the young Irish novelist Aidan Higgins.) The way in which these lines have become a standard of the personal boosterism repertoire is superbly ironic, and sort of wonderful in its way.

And when you restore the lines to their original context (a reversal that feels almost perverse now that they’ve come to seem so staunchly pro-business and pro-tennis), it’s difficult to imagine a piece of writing less obviously ripe for the harvesting of uplifting phrases.

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