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We're not all worthless and I want to help break this negative attitude towards young black men" Irresponsible, worthless and immature are just some of the labels Dwane and his peers have had thrown at them.

Dwayne says: "Young black fathers need support not negativity". I am incredibly passionate about women; but that doesn't mean that I do not love my brothers and appreciate all the good that they do.

My sense of awe does not stem from my surprise that he is a capable man.

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When it comes to finding similar positive statistics in the U. Back in 2010, David Cameron echoed the Barack Obama by calling for absent black fathers to take more responsibility for their children.The prime minister called for a 'responsibility revolution' to change patterns of black male behaviour.This is all well and good but where is the evidence of support offered by the government to black fathers?Yes, it is a sad fact that if you are an African-Caribbean child you are twice as likely as your white British counterpart to grow up in a single-parent household. An Equality and Human Rights Commission report in 2011 found that as many as 65 per cent of African-Caribbean children are raised by one parent – nearly always the mother. The constant news reports do not give any acknowledgement to three important groups in our community: the tens of thousands of fathers who live at home and parent their children, the tens of thousands who may have separated from their partner but are still excellent fathers involved in their children's lives and the unsung single black father.In the USA, after years of black male bashing by the media and government, The CDC found that a higher percentage of black fathers living with young children did daily activities such as sharing meals, dressing their children, and reading to them than other fathers.

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