Speed dating detroit senior

EASY - A term used to describe a woman who has the sexual morals of a man.

EYE CONTACT - A method utilized by a single woman to communicate to a man that she is interested in him. or if you have been single for awhile and are out there playing the field, and loving it!

Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the ridiculous things that your parents did to save money, trucker stories, putting sirens on the cars of senior citizens, the biggest disaster you woke up to, how a cheap guy blew it, your stupidest ballsy move, and more!

FRIEND - A member of the opposite sex in your acquaintance who has some flaw which makes sleeping with him/her totally unappealing. a radical social shift from past generations when men and women tended to marry early and stay that way for life.

ATTRACTION - The act of associating horniness with a particular person.

LOVE AT 1st SIGHT - What occurs when two extremely horny, but not entirely choosy people meet.

Dave and Chuck the Freak start out with a VERY passionate debate about cheese, and talk about a coffee shop in trouble for serving up more than coffee, a family suing after finding blood in their frappuccino, Rob Gronkowski possibly going Hollywood, an airline that allegedly forced a woman to flush her emotional support hamster…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the best cures for a hangover, a family that is expecting their 14th child, some is accusing of Charlie Sheen of murder, the #saggyboobsmatter movement on social media, an all fem ale resort island opening soon, things we miss because technology has replaced them, a 19 year old…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about fighting with your buddies while on a guy’s trip/vacation, a tsunami warning accidentally being sent out to the east coast, a petition to make the Dundee movie a real thing, sleeping position that leads to the most sex, why you should be mindful of hairy nipples, four dudes…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the biggest turn offs in the bedroom, Gronk got robbed while he was away playing in the Super Bowl, a Philadelphia fan that celebrated the win by eating horse poop, something crazy Dax Shepard had to do for Kristen Bell in an emergency, a guy that drank 25…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a strange SNL skit from the weekend, a goose shot out of the sky sends a hunter to the hospital, new words added to the dictionary, recap of the big game and commercial run down, Lana Del Rey almost kidnapped over the weekend, a 5th grader that used…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a truck busted selling weed and edibles in a neighborhood, statistics on dating in the workplace/dating a co-worker, science has ranked the actors that played James Bond according to attractiveness, how old you were when you had your first run in with cops, the surprising dirtiest spot in…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the ultimate relationship test to know if you and your partner are a match, a man who’s dog is collecting unemployment, the most popular snack recipe searches for “the big game” parties, two guys using a metal detector that found gold coins that turned out to be movie…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about who won Tom Hardy and Leo’s tattoo bet, an airline that refused to let a woman’s emotional support peacock fly, a sleepwalker that fell out of an eighth-story window and lived, a snake stuck in a wall that caused a family’s toilet to continuously flush, a dietician that…Dave and Chuck the Freak about tips to improve your nap game, a transit officer that was bitten during a scuffle with two homeless men, homeowners selling their house with a for sale sign claiming “Neighbor is an A-hole,” Gordon Ramsey lost 60 lbs because he didn’t want his wife to leave him, songs that…Dave and Chuck the Freak help a listener with a question about a bathroom jerker, talk about a 72 year old senior citizen busted attempting a home invasion, recap of the Grammy’s winners, a bar that will kick you out if you use the word “literally,” the strength of a hand shake correlates to penis…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about women upset over some football themed shirts, a new trend for high school kids called “juuling,” how to tell if a hug is meaningful, Saddam Hussein wrote a romance novel, a python owner that was killed by his pet snake, things your spouse does that annoys you the…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the new Dundee movie with Danny Mc Bride is really just a commercial, people can now make convincing fake porn videos, TV shows we want to see get a reboot, a celebrity that just made millions off a forgotten stash of crypto currency, a dude arrested for drugs and…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the foods that give you the worst gas, a guy that barricaded himself in his house with a gun because someone took a bite of his grilled cheese sandwich, the actor that played Barney the dinosaur is now a tantric massage specialist, a man jailed in the U.

K.…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the most popular types of pies in America, the rudest thing you can do while texting someone, the 2018 Razzie nominations, Danny Mc Bride to be in a new Crocodile Dundee film, a town that held a candlelight vigil for a Taco Bell that burned down, tourists that were…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about an 18-year old high school student in trouble for pretending to be a cop, a guy that torched his parents’ house to avenge a fart prank from 10 years ago, a donut eating contest winner that was arrested for robbing a donut shop, the wackiest thing you’ve done…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a family fighting a city to keep their four support pigs as pets, Dave drops a knowledge bomb about Skittles, how you got busted by new technology, why store receipts could be making you sick, the most common tinder turn offs for men, crazy thing someone did that…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a woman that coughed so hard she broke her ribs, Porn Hub stats on what kind of porno people in different states are watching, a restaurant regular that gave his favorite server a car, Trent Reznor had to get a restraining order against his neighbor, a guy that called…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a “Dave Hunter” mix-up, a meteor that crashed in southeast Michigan, a wedding photographer that fat shamed a bride-to-be, Jake Gyllenhaal could be the next Batman, Marilyn Manson had to have a roadie pull his pants up while performing, a lady who claims her co-worker/best friend stole her…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a new Snapchat game kids are playing called “show or cover,” missile alert mistake in Hawaii causes a panic, Michael Jackson’s daughter robbed after picking up a hitchhiker, a photographer that retouched a family’s photos and made them look like cartoon robots, office workplace etiquette, two pilots fired…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about angry lady drivers, things you would do if it wasn’t too embarrassing, the best unsolicited advice you’ve received, who you would take the fall for, the worst workouts ever, the worst nude you’ve ever received, Dave’s speed intervention, and more!

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