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The second man said Andrea had been penniless and hungry when he'd let her stay in a spare bedroom for one night and given her some food and money.This time, Andrea's story was that she'd been adopted at a young age, but that her biological parents were a well-known celebrity couple, whom she didn't want to name.Investigators at the coroner's office tried running Andrea's information and fingerprints through new databases as they were created and expanded.As recently as eight months ago, investigators revisited the case file after recieving information that Andrea may have had connections to Newport News, Virginia, but came up empty.A Jane Doe case that baffled investigators for 27 years and was featured on Unsolved Mysteries has finally been solved, thanks to cutting edge FBI fingerprint analysis.Virginia woman Andrea Kuiper, 26, was the person struck and killed by two cars in Huntington Beach, California on April 1, 1990, officials with the Orange County Sheriff's Department revealed on Thursday.'We are thankful to know what happened to our daughter after all these years,' Andrea's father, Richard Kuiper, said in a statement.'Andrea was loved and respected. But she was manic depressive, and therefore we had been through quite an adventure.'The mystery that spanned decades began around 10pm on April 1, 1990, on a scenic stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway that runs next to a public beach.I'm trying to inspire action that will prevent our scenarios from coming true. Her team have published a scenario of a 7.8 earthquake on the San Andreas fault that could kill many people and devastate 15,000 buildings.In 2011 there was a magnitude nine earthquake of the east coast of Japan and around ten per cent of the population died.'The city leaders ignored protocol that said to move to higher ground and conducted their emergency meeting in the city hall', said Dr Jones.'When the tsunami poured over the sea wall, they lost over 1,000 people, including most of their city government'.

The first man said he and Andrea had both been hitchhiking along the Pacific Coast Highway two weeks prior to her death, and had shared a car along the way.Andrea told him that she was originally from Virginia, but then he later heard her tell a woman she was from New York, he said.She said she'd been adopted and had traveled to California in search of her biological parents.Dr Jones, who is from the US Geological Survey said there are three key reasons why the peril is so frightening - it cannot be seen, it is uncertain and it seems unknowable.This means people bury their heads in the sand and pretend it won't happen.

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