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If you’ve been to the Revelry or Char, you know that you have to start with a cocktail.

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It wouldn’t be strictly accurate to call Branca “Italian” or “Neapolitan.” Josh points out that it’s actually modeled on Italian restaurants from the golden age of Hollywood where actors and singers huddled over martinis in tufted-leather booths.

The tagliatelle is served in a tall white bowl that keeps everything compact—and hot—rather than sprawled out across a conventional plate.

The sauce has a more homogenous texture than you might expect in a bolognese.

Josh hired Pasquale Sorrentino, a Naples-born chef he met while working at a Wegmans supermarket restaurant.

Sorrentino is certified by the American chapter of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, which upholds the standards of what it considers a “true” Neapolitan pizza.

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