Starview box keeps updating

Run the GTROM loader by pressing Download and you will see the % progress increase then Download completed message on your PC.

Hi can u help me please, I have followed the instructions above and am currently flashing my clone starview with Crypt Star-v1.

) It may take more than 1 try to work, but eventually you ll see the loader kick in and the % bar increase.

If the box will NOT RE-FLASH as normal from on or standby, try this but it may take a few goes to work.

JRebel is a productivity tool that allows developers to reload code changes instantly.

starview box keeps updating-30

It ties into the system clipboard, so all one has to do is copy text in their favorite SQL or XML editor then use the "Java Text Copy...

Since i updated my firmware, it now says on my screen when it shows the channel info that i am connected until 2011-12-02!

Does anyone know what this is all about it didnt show that with the previous 1.02 firmware?

You should be able to transfer data once the correct port is selected If you need drivers go here Follow my advice to step 7.

(If it doesn t work 1st time try also waiting a couple of sec.

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