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120 Years of Nanosilver History Demonstrate Its Safety and Repudiate Attempts to Paint It As a "New Substance" With "Unknown Risks" Nanosilver is assumed to be a new material because of the relatively recent emergence of the term nano.

However, on close inspection nanosilver materials have a long, 120-year history of relatively safe and regulated use, chiefly in the form of colloidal silver.

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Right off the bat, this proves a major obstacle for matching algorithms.

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Or what if your beliefs and personality change between the time you began using a site and the present moment?

Worse, how can the algorithm account for a basic, well-documented quirk of human nature: that people are actually pretty whimsical about whom they’re attracted to? Despite grand claims to the contrary, it is unlikely that any matching algorithm based upon data collected before people have encountered each other can be effective at identifying partners who are compatible for a long-term relationship.” In other words, Tinder’s claim that it can algorithmically make matches more “meaningful” is … That said, of course, Tinder is no or e Harmony; if you’re swiping through your Tinder matches on a Friday night, you are presumably not on a quest to find your one-and-only.

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