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At the top of her athletics prowess, Odessa Swarts competed in inter-provincial athletics events and the annual national championship on grass, gravel and uneven tracks; athletics tracks in Cape Town’s disadvantaged communities such as Green Point track, Athlone and Vygieskraal stadiums, Dal Josafat stadium in Paarl and Curries Fountain in Durban It was difficult to play sport in disadvantaged and under-resourced communities during the white privileged era of apartheid. Paramount to our participation in non-racial, anti-apartheid was our principles of not supporting apartheid and not helping to make the system work, thereby further ensuring and consolidation our oppression.

We chipped at and chiselled away as much of apartheid as we could, through our powerful and fierce sports structures.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it's not one conversation. It's something you'll need to come back to."And rest assured, Shumaker insists, "Kids get it.

Behind Wayde van Niekerk’s world title is the story of his mother’s anti-apartheid sports sacrifice, says Cheryl Roberts.

It’s a fabulous way for a son to thank his mother for sacrificing her sports talent for him to be given a country to represent with recognition, pride, passion and enthusiasm.

Which brings me to my question: Why is talking about sex so awkward, no matter how progressive we feel, and more importantly, how can we make it better? It's perfectly normal to feel painfully self-conscious.

"Kids feel comforted knowing they can come to mom and dad," added Shumaker. Bottom line: Like it or not, having the dreaded "talk" is important.

"If they feel like they can't, they pick up information from their peers first, and may feel aggravated or betrayed that you didn't tell them first. Glickman wants you to remember,"We put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect. "My deadline for parents is to have the sex chat by age nine," Kennedy-Moore says.

If a child is old enough to ask, she's old enough to get an honest answer."6. "If your child hasn't asked, you should explain it regardless. I think, for the most part, kids are very happy to be a child." In the end, my daughter brought up sex a few weeks later and seemed to not even remember what I had told her.

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