Teen dating high school dance

Living in a small town, his only claim to popularity is playing on the Beavers; his school's basketball team (which is very unsuccessful) and fawning after his crush Pamela Wells, who is dating his rival Mick.

Mick plays for the Dragons, an opposing team who tends to bully Scott on the court.

Vincent Canby of The New York Times gave the film a negative review calling it "aggressively boring".

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With the upcoming spring dance, Boof agrees to go with Scott, but only if he goes as himself, not the Wolf.

After he gets a role as a 'werewolf cavalryman' in the school play alongside her, she comes onto him in the dressing room and the two have sex.

Later, after a date set up to intentionally make Mick jealous, Pamela tells Scott that she's still seeing him and is not interested in Scott as a boyfriend, much to his disappointment.

Scott goes by himself as the Wolf and has a great time. She takes Scott out into the hallway and they kiss, which turns Scott back into himself.

When they return to the dance, everyone pays attention to him, including Pamela.

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