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I too wanted this more than him but this old lady should not get scent of this otherwise there will be a scandal.

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After 2 months time i was returning home at 11pm in the night when she called me asked me where i was. As her office was in malad its was a famous area so i reached there easily and waited downstairs for her. She was a fair girl wearing specks with huge boobs, she was atound 5’5 tall 36-30-38. She said that she liked my voice and she is like mad after my voice…We came on he main road and took a auto and dropped her home and we kissed all the while in the auto. After that we never got the opportunity to meet her but we had out share over the phone…one day in the evening she called me and said tat her parents are out and will return only by 9 in the night and she was alone if i wanted to come… after 10 minutes of fucking i took out of dick on came all over her pussy and tummy..but i was at a place where i could have taken about 30 minutes to reach her house and than i would have just a hour time to be with her so i refused and said we will meet later. When i felt that i was about to shoot my loads i asked her to stop…. We laid there for some time when we heared the bell ringing….She called me again and asked me if i can make it.. I kept in finger fucking her for a while till she came for the fist time. I was not carrying any protection as i never expected such a incident.. We quickly got up and dressed and she went and opend the door while i sat on the sofa.Well this time even i could not refuse and i said yes to her. Within no time our mouth were exchanging our saliva. i took them in my mouth over her bra and sucked them.. now she broke the bond and lead me toward her bedroom. I mover her cloth piece over her pussy area and put my finger in her pussy . Than she told me that she was not a virgin and sex twice with her childhood friend. I went on top of her and kissed over her lips than to her tits and slowly came down to her pussy. She introduced me to he mom and bhabi….i waited for some time and later went of from there bidding good bye to all of them her mom asked me keep visiting and with a wicked smile i said sure aunty i will.. after that we never had any encounter but sure waiting for some more andvernture..

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