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Adjusted beta: An estimate of a security's future beta that involves modifying the security's historical (measured) beta owing to the assumption that the security's beta has a tendency to move over time toward the average beta for the market or the company's industry.Adjusted for inflation: Corrected for price changes to yield an equivalent in terms of goods and services.

Acquisition premium: In a merger or acquisition, the difference between the purchase price and the pre-acquisition value of the target firm.

Adjusted present value (APV): The sum of the discounted value of a project's operating cash flows (assuming equity financing) plus the value of any tax-shield benefits of interest associated with the project's financing minus any flotation costs.

It is a valuation method that separately identifies the value of an un-levered project from the value of financing side effects.

It is the net present value of a project using the all-equity rate as a discount rate.

The effects of financing are incorporated in separate terms.

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