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This might be a good time to do a quick Google of yourself and watch in horror as you realise you can’t delete that geeky picture of yourself in the local newspaper from 8 years ago – where did that come from?! Luckily for the creative sorts of the UK 13% of women love a guy in a creative job and similar goes for girls working in design and fashion……

21% of you feel thoroughly awkward, 40% ending in a second date and interestingly 20% of your dates end in nudity!

The results are in from the Time Out Global Dating Survey 2015 and some of the results may surprise you………

Here’s s run down of some of the facts and figures of dating across the world in 2015: Oh crikey, better make that first impression count, no pressure then!

Data were compared between the 12 cities from which the largest responses were received: London, Paris, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo and Beijing.

Some results were produced from a global analysis of the data.

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There is also a 24-hour deadline to start communication, or the match is lost – a form of conversation control designed to move away from stereotypical gender roles.

As a result, empowering female users is increasingly becoming a key element of the apps seeking to knock Tinder off the top spot.

Check out the current contenders here: Bumble Arguably the most successful female-centric app, Bumble was set up by Whitney Wolfe, the Tinder co-founder who famously filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the company.

‘Girls can see the guys on a map, and they can see all the men’s profiles.

The guys just see a stats screen, showing how many women are nearby, how many are looking at their profile, etc.

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