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" read an e-mail statement from the families of Harrison Kothari, 2, of Houston, who died in December from an infection blamed on the wipes, and Peyton Armstrong, 10, a leukemia patient who developed a life-threatening infection hospital officials said was tied to Triad pads.

Triad officials made the move voluntarily and did not notify the FDA about their plans to halt production of alcohol prep products named in a Jan.

I don’t mean to be trite, but in reality, it’s that simple.

They’re willing to be honest about whether or not they liked what they tried –whether it’s sushi, rock climbing, or just a new movie.

Michael Rogers, FDA's deputy director of the Office of Regional Operations, said the hospital’s report about Peyton and others prompted an immediate FDA investigation and voluntary recall of hundreds of millions of the alcohol products used in hospitals and clinics and widely sold under private labels in grocery stores and drugstores.

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Sure, sure, dating sites like OKCupid and such can be a boon to meeting people (I met someone on it), but there just isn’t a Sooper Sekrut Polyamory Code you can punch in and order yourself a relationship.holds a sample of the bacteria Bacillus cereus cultured from alcohol wipes manufactured by the Triad Group of Hartland, Wis.The bacteria caused life-threatening infections in children that sparked a nationwide recalls of Triad alcohol prep products.3 recall beause of potential contamination, said FDA spokeswoman Shelly Burgess.Triad will also stop production of sterile lubricating jelly, which was the focus of a Dec.

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