Tried updating my jailbroken iphone

To get out of recovery mode loop you can use i Recovery and i REB.

NOTE: We are talking about recovery mode loop resulted due to some error during jailbreak process.

The good thing is there is indeed still a way to downgrade your i Phone, i Pod Touch, i Pad or even Apple TV, but it relies on you saving SHSH blobs.

You see, when Apple is still signing a firmware version you can save the SHSH signature so that in the future if you wish to downgrade back to that firmware version it is indeed possible.

This is essentially performing a replay attack, in the fact that data is being fraudulently retransmitted.

If you try to restore to a lower firmware version, you will get an error because Apple is not signing that specific firmware version anymore.What is happening is Apple refuses to generate the new hash during the downgrade, meaning the new SHSH blobs cannot be generated.In case this wasn’t a big enough limitation to downgrading i OS devices, in the i OS 5 firmware generation Apple introduced yet another technology to prevent downgrading called APTickets.Sometime during jailbreak or restoring i Phone/i Pod Touch using custom firmware your device won’t boot normally and stuck into recovery mode.Then every time you reboot your i Phone/i Pod Touch it enters into recovery mode asking for restore. In this guide we are going to talk about how to fix recovery mode loop on i Phone and i Pod Touch.

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