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Also, Handshake have a good overview of Testing i OS Apps with Test Flight. The commands you create can be saved as a script and applied to updated files, multiple files at once, combined with curl to process a file from the web.Apple’s document About i OS Development Team Administration provides a wealth of info on the i OS development workflow. Here’s a few examples using a fictional data file, $ head -5 Report Run On, Member ID, Start Date, End Date 10/10/2012 ,1038277,10/09/2012 ,10/10/2012 User Name, User ID, Job ID, Email Name, Email Subject, Pickup Time, BCC, Cc Email, Normal Sends, Normal Sends BCC, Normal Sends CC, Triggered Sends, Triggered Sends BCC, Triggered Sends CC, Normal Sends_1, Normal Sends BCC_1, Normal Sends CC_1, Triggered Sends_1, Triggered Sends BCC_1, Triggered Sends CC_1 Ben Godfrey,ben.godfrey,1839429, Example Email, Give us your feedback!,05/10/2012 ,,,1,0,0,0,0,0,470,0,0,0,0,0 is such a powerful tool and familiar to so many that it is often used for the filtering part of a pipeline. Money Dashboard’s list satisfies my desire to be accurate, but took a bit longer to find my way around.Combining simple tools to create powerful results is a key part of the Unix philosophy. The serious options for UK customers right now are Love Money and Money Dashboard. They pull data from your bank account using Yodlee’s API. That identification process varies in it’s accuracy. None of the dashboards I’ve tried can understand money moving between accounts.The rule in humor is the same for giving speeches as it is for a VC pitch. BTW, one way to find out if the pitch comes across as funny is to test drive it a few times first on "safe" investors.If you're SURE you're funny then it's totally fine. If you're not sure you're funny - you're probably not.

Elastic Beanstalk is Amazon’s platform-as-a-service built on top of EC2, S3 and other Amazon services.

For example, if I’m training for a race, I check that I’m building up my distance at the right rate in preparation.

To understand the data, I visualise it using histograms and aggregates statistics.

In January, Pew Research found that 21% of US adults track some aspect of their health using technology.

This is part of a phenomenon called “Quantified Self” - the measurement of personal behaviours and activities, often using technology such as smartphones and web apps. Over the years I’ve tracked a number of dimensions: I use this data to drive improvements in my life.

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