Updating a kitchen with oak cabinets

Be aware that a general contractor may charge you up to 30% of the total cost of the project to handle it for you, and you might want to use that money for other purposes.

However, hiring a general contractor means you are relieved from supervision and chasing after tardy or no-show workers.

Basically, you will have wall cabinets (which are secured to the wall and do not touch the floor) and base cabinets (which are also secured to the wall and do touch the floor).

Not only are the cabinets secured to each other, but they must be level with each other.

Each appliance, except maybe the refrigerator and range hood, should have a dedicated circuit, which means you can say goodbye to the days of your microwave causing power surges.

Types of electrical jobs: Hanging Sheetrock is a simple job, but mudding is an art.

Before you jump in with a sledgehammer and start knocking down your kitchen walls, establish a plan for the kitchen remodel.

I realize some builders like to install flooring after the cabinets are installed to save on cost, but I prefer to do it before. Hire only a professional cabinet installer to hang your cabinets.

Pros will make certain the cabinets are plumb, level and are installed properly.

Transfer that measurement to the drywall and, using a T-square, draw a straight line. Crack the drywall with your knee or hand to break it. Mud again, with a larger mudding knife, spreading the joint compound further. If this is too much work, consider hanging the drywall and hiring an expert to do the mudding.

Secure the drywall to the wall with screws, alternating each screw within a half-inch of the edge and about a foot apart. Lots of tradespeople call themselves painters, but few truly have a calling.

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