Updating to bios

In the old days, we would use a floppy drive, but today, you can use any type of USB thumb drive of any capacity or brand.

Firstly ‘Save BIOS from Drive’ (this can be used to make a copy of your BIOS), or ‘Update BIOS from Drive’ which is the one we want to select.

Other contributors to the Google web site indicated that they were using either the “304” or the “307” update file.

I opted for the 307 version since (a) it is the previous release to 207 (I know, the numbering scheme makes no sense – you have to check the release date), and (b) the individual (Ruslan Kuznetsov) who is using this version is also the person who created an ISO file for the Ubuntu distro that will install onto the T100.

However, when I ran Win Flash and entered T100TASAS.207 as the update file, I received the error message: “”.

Clearly, my machine wants nothing to do with the “207” file, but what does it need?

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