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This concept was brought up multiple times in class and is connected to many of the other concepts we discussed in class as well.Equality for men and women is progressive and long-awaited for Americans and should continue to be addressed publicly and with efforts to raise awareness.It’s time for one of the those end-of-the-year-reflection kind of posts.

Feminism, as we have defined in class, is the movement for political, social, and economic equality for men and women alike.First of all, while STDs is a numbers game (more exposures, the greater the risk), there is no study that I’m aware of that says 2 or more partners a year puts you into a specific risk pool.We have that data for HPV (4 or more partners puts you in the “probably caught it” group), but not for HIV. If you are doing a known donation, say for your mom, are you really going to be truthful and tell mom’s doctor that you can’t donate because you had 3 sex partners this year?And as an aside, donors aren’t screened for rabies, but there has been at least one recent well-reported case of a donor dying from an unrelated cause, donating, and then multiple recipients contracting rabies.The rabies case clearly indicate that we have an imperfect system that will always be imperfect.

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