Validating a form in dreamweaver amanda survivor dating rocky

Multiselect widget improves usability of ordinary multi-select input controls replacing them with a nice and clean widget that allow multiple options to be selected with just the mouse and without taking up more room that you need.

Simply applyeither theclient-side or server-sidebehavior to a page with a form, and the appropriate wizard will take you through the steps to validate your form fields.

Form validation requires the user input to match a specified criteria before the form can be submitted.

Common validations include required a valid e-mail address, a valid credit card number, valid website URL and more.

Once installed, the extension Form Validator can be accessed, after restarting Dreamweaver, via the Menu Option INSERT By executing Form Validator extension (See how to access Form Validator under “Installation”), a setup window will open up and you will be able to set validation.

The fields of the setup window (Fig 1), are: Here you can select the type of validation required for the selected field.

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