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But then it would getting in the 20% that is used less often in the business world. Thus, some of my "early" code will seem (even to me! But please, do let me know about it when you spot it. Apologies: Sometimes after cutting and pasting between Excel VBA editor and this text document, the double quotes and the hyphens (minus sign) can slightly change although they look the same.

SKIPPING VBA AUTO-RUN UPON OPENING: To open an Excel file and skip running its auto-run Sub called Workbook_Open(), hold the SHIFT key down then start/open the Excel file 2. VBA PERFORMANCE: For performance purposes, when possible, instead of looping, use existing Excel functions of Range such as Special Cells, Auto Filter, Advanced Filter, Sub Totals, Find, assigning values, setting colors and sizes, etc. MACRO RECORDING via F2: Can use the F2 key to begin and stop recording of macros 6. If one of the macros is called "Private Sub Workbook_Open()" (or Auto_Open() ) then it is executed as soon as the Excel workbook is opened (unless you hold the SHIFT key while opening it). Worksheet: rightmouse on the worksheet tab name and select View Code (that brings up the window Microsoft Visual   Basic Applications). Auto Filter '-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' PUT THE CURSOR INTO THE UPPER LEFTMOST CELL OF THE WORKSHEET Application. Range("A1"), True '-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'Application. Screen Updating = True ' optionally turn Screen Updating back On/True End Sub '================================================================================================================ ' -------------------------------- ' OPTION #2: The longer version ' -------------------------------- ' Generic formatting of the given worksheet (initially using default values) ' Optional configuration file can override the default values of the default formatting Public Function Format Worksheet(Optional By Val s Wksht Name As String = "") As String Dim iii As Long, l Row As Long, l Col As Long Dim sx1 As String, rc1 As String, rc2 As String Dim s Col Ltr As String, s Top Row Range As String, s All Data Range As String, s Data Only Range As String Dim rng Links As Range, ccell As Range Dim i Top Row Fill RGB1 As Integer, i Top Row Fill RGB2 As Integer, i Top Row Fill RGB3 As Integer Dim i Top Row Font RGB1 As Integer, i Top Row Font RGB2 As Integer, i Top Row Font RGB3 As Integer Dim i Rows Even Fill RGB1 As Integer, i Rows Even Fill RGB2 As Integer, i Rows Even Fill RGB3 As Integer Dim i Rows Odd Fill RGB1 As Integer, i Rows Odd Fill RGB2 As Integer, i Rows Odd Fill RGB3 As Integer Dim i Column Widths As Integer Dim s Filtering On As String, s Filter Sort On As String Dim s Hyperlinks Activate As String, s Show Borders As String, s Word Wrap On As String Dim s Top Row Freeze Do As String, s Top Special Cleanup Do As String, s Top Trim Hdgs Do As String '-------------------------------------------------------- ' SET SOME HIGH-LEVEL VALUES If Len(s Wksht Name) = 0 Then s Wksht Name = Active Sheet. The VBA put here can only be executed for this worksheet. A Class Module has its own code area Declaration Section: This is where any global variables are declared. Color = RGB(0, 0, 255) ' blue End With Set rng = ws. Name Set global Wkbk = This Workbook Set global Wksht = global Wkbk. At the top left is the Project/Library dropdown and may say "". Then in the "Classes" list doublelick "This Workbook". the names of rc1 = sx1 & "1" ' the Months-Years for the 13-month range) rc2 = sx1 & "2" ' and if so then duplicate them into row #2 If ((Len(Trim(global Wksht. This puts it in the mode to write VBA code that is applied to the entire workbook.

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