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74: Hoelscher-Hornstein (Berlin and Boston: Walter de Gruyter, 2012), 168-76.

* * *Bernd Krysmanski, "Warnings of Morality or Downright Twisted Pleasure?

The text includes a great number of original quotations from contemporary periodicals, pamphlets and treatises, concerning the theory of art (eclecticism, picture auctions, criticism of connoisseurship, the profane and blasphemy in art), the history of religion and religious tradition (English Puritanism, deism, Methodism [particularly George Whitefield], antipapism, witchcraft and demonology, iconoclasm, anti-Semitism, antitrinitarianism, the debate on transubstantiation), as well as social, cultural and medical history (the anatomy of the brain, the maltreatment of dogs, physiognomy, eroticism, sex murder, eighteenth-century melancholy, madness, and enthusiasm).

Some of these sources are reprinted for the first time and may be of interest not only to art historians, but also to theologians, members of the Methodist Church, general historians, philologists or other scholars working on eighteenth-century England.

The author's interdisciplinary study interprets this borrowing method as a cleverly contrived "anti-iconography" with which Hogarth ridicules the English self-styled connoisseurs of his time.

A novelty in Hogarth research, the study also contains a thorough formal analysis of the print.

A seventy-page excursus deals with the pulpiteer as an artistic motif through the ages.Not least, if you carry out your research here you will save yourself a lot of time and trouble. * * *Bernd Krysmanski, "Patriotisches Rindfleisch, Pariser Pantinen und eine jakobitische Krähe: Ein auf Erkenntnissen von Katharina Braum fußender Nachtrag zu Hogarths 'Gate of Calais' nebst einer ergänzenden Hypothese von Elizabeth Einberg", , Hildesheim, Zurich, New York: Georg Olms, 2010.[Text based on a paper read on 29 July 1999 at the Tenth International Congress on the Enlightenment, University College, Dublin, 25-31 July 1999.] * * *B. Andreas Beyer, Bénédicte Savoy and Wolf Tegethoff, vol.Although the book focuses on , it invariably leads to new readings of the numerous other works by Hogarth.Literature on Methodism (rather than on Hogarth), for example, allows the preacher sitting next to Tom Idle in the prisoner's cart in series.

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