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I waited for a few minutes and went inside her bedroom and saw the white cotton bra and the black panty she had taken out I kissed her bra and sniffed her panties at the crotch and kissed it as well.I took the pointed portion of the bra in my mouth while I sucked it, while imagining her cleavage that I had stared at a little while ago, I became so engrossed that I was rubbing my now hard cock with my right hand while I sucked at her bra in my mouth making it wet with saliva, suddenly I heard my name “Raaajjjjjjjj” I was shocked and saw Sandhya at the door in her white blouse and petticoat that was wet, I was shocked and scared I dropped the bra and stared at her. ” Without wasting any time I started apologizing, She continued “I had a big doubt that you were doing these dirty things, you should be ashamed of yourself, you are my son’s age and my sons best friend, I cannot imagine, you disgust me” I felt sorry, and continued to apologize, after a lot of convincing she agreed not to tell anyone, we sat down on the bed and started to talk, she asked why did I do such things and I told her because I liked her and that she excited me her jaw just dropped and she stared at me with her mouth open, surprisingly she asked me again “you like me?Since Tushar lived in a one bedroom apartment flat, they didn’t have individual rooms of their own, after laundry she would keep all her clothes on the bed in the bedroom, I noticed her bra and panties.I had to touch it, I would usually do it either when she would be taking a nap, or she would be in the bathroom for a shower.I was just caressing her body and feeling it against mine, I could feel her soft but big and hard breasts her breath against my chest.I could even feel her shiver a little bit, suddenly she realized what she was doing and pushed me away “No stop, we shouldn’t be doing this, I got carried away” but I could sense that it was half hearted and again pulled her towards me and this time planted a kiss on her lips and started to suck her lower lip, within seconds I had my tongue penetrate her lips and into her mouth battling her tongue, her eyes were closed and mine open.A whole bunch of thoughts just raced through my mind “what will she do? ” I replied in a nod, She smiled a little and said “I know that silly boy, or else why would you do all this” I felt relieved that she will not tell anyone anything.She then told me that she knew it because she had caught me staring at her body a lot of times and had doubt, also she told me that she had found her under garments to be wet a number of times and since it was wet at all the “right” spots she knew it was me who was doing it. She asked me if I had seen any woman naked, I said no, but I had seen a few porn movies, she looked shocked on hearing that and said “you have grown up now” I nodded again.

When she would walk her ass would shake like jelly.I waited for about 5 minutes and then came out and without looking at her went and sat in the living room, but while passing the bedroom I could sense that she was still looking at me.After a little while she went in the bathroom for a shower.From that day I would find a way to peek at her and quite a few times I would be caught staring at her boobs or ass by her.I would find a way to go to Tushar’s house when she would be alone.

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