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This Harlem Whore felt like she was loosing her optimism and enthusiasm towards dating completely! The purpose behind the IANTO is to prevent the mad ______ woman (fill in your race as you see fit) from becoming an everyday reality.Ok, quick urban dictionary break: The “mad black woman” is a stereotype of that not-so-mystical angry woman (in this case black) that emerges usually following foul play on the part of a romantic partner.I’ve dated the liar, the weirdo, the fickle, the straight-up-crazy, and for what? You can date multiple people without compromising the goal of a serious relationship. When I’m dating one man, I also put my best foot forward, hoping that my efforts with produce the desired result.However, men are not like work or school projects, and in the world of dating there are no guarantees. t hits the fan and the end result doesn’t match my efforts, the breakup process becomes all the more difficult.You can always busy yourself with other THINGS as well (ie hobbies, church, work, friends) but what better to hold your attention away from one date than another date. #That Is All So here’s my hypothetical pitch: Ladies, when your focus is on other members of the team and you meet a guy that you’re particularly keen on, create a small space for him and go about business as usual. Or, is it a free-for-all, with fragments of your emotions splashed around like a Jackson Pollock piece?When he has established himself as someone worthy of your undivided attention, you make a slightly larger space for him. Despite our best efforts, vulnerability can bring even the best of us to our knees.So I decided that it was FINALLY time to sit in front of my Macbook and clear the dust off of my blog site.

Yes, dating is supposed to be a good time- and I will be the first to tell you that all men (or women for my fellas) are NOT always a good time. So I can do 1 of 3 things: 1) Say fu%# it, and give up on the whole thing, 2) Sulk and remain that angry, bitter woman or 3) Shake off the weight of the past and embrace a lighter experience. Embrace a lighter dating experience by building up a heavier dating roster. After consulting with a few of my cohorts, I realized that THIS is the key to achieving a “fun” dating experience. Guys have been hip to this game since the stone ages! When I’m working on a project, I give it 110%, hoping that my results with reflect the amount of work I put in.I’ve been dating for a few years now, but it wasn’t until recently that I noticed it just wasn’t having fun anymore.My individual dating experiences had begun to negatively impact my overall perception on dating as an experience.What seemed to be a very simple question in turn became a complex discussion.He asked, “Where does one find the fun or joy in bad dating experiences”?

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