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I have been taking it for four months and my neuropathy is 95% better. I have given this formula to my Chiropractor and neurologist who wanted to know the miracle formula for helping my pain.Hopefully they will refer patients to your website for orders. I plan on writing on your website to brag about the success of your product. I really was afraid that I’d have to deal with this 24/7 misery for the rest of my life.

I took my first two capsules on the evening of the day they arrived-May 17th, and exactly two months later on July 18th, I began to notice that the stinging and burning was subsiding. I still have the numbness, especially in my toes, but I can move them more easily now.It’s a shame that the society we live in today is geared towards the drug industry considering there is a lot more money to be made in drugs even though they don’t help at all.If anything, Wes, as you know already I’m sure, drugs never get to the root of the problems but only cover up symptoms.I later added one of your Nerve Rpair Optimizers at night.Since she began your program in April, she went from an 11 all the way down to a 1 in August.

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