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If he, for example, buys a new audio system for his car instead of paying rent this would result in a consequence of losing an apartment.

An enabler rushes in and removes the consequence, giving the adult child no reason or opportunity to learn a valuable lesson.

Your son goes on a twenty-minute rant about how his former boss was a jerk and that he still can't find another job.

He mentions that he has no money for his car payment.

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And hey, it could save them some embarrassment too.Helping Your Adult Child Without Enabling Does helping your adult child tend to become a pattern of unhealthy rescuing?If you try to "save" your adult child every time he or she is in trouble, you may be making things worse in the long run.Do you struggle with knowing where to draw that fine (or not so fine) line between letting him learn how to stand on his own two feet and bailing him out?Parents, for sure, need to be thoughtful about how to assist their adult children without enabling them.

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