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"I filled myself up with information, and I had it in my spine when we were filming.You don't need to think about the history because you have it in your system, and then the scenes of the day take over." Based on the first of a trilogy of novels by Tom Rob-Smith, Zhivago-style historical drama about the relationship between the couple.Rapace's commitment began months before production began, the Swedish native explains."I watched Russian films, I read Russian books and plays, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky," she says, now returned to her natural colour.Her casting came via the film's producer Ridley Scott, who directed her in sci-fi blockbuster ."I loved working with him and trust his opinions," she star says."After I spoke to him about it, I read the full story and I loved it." Strong-willed characters No stranger to taking on varied roles, from Scott's strong-willed scientist Elizabeth Shaw to rebel heroine Lisbeth Salander in , she bleached her hair and eyebrows light blonde to adopt the guise of Raisa.She's a downtrodden wife in the grip of Stalin's communist regime, who joins husband Leo Demidov, played by Hardy, in the hunt for a child killer.

Leaving his hotel for the event, he walked straight past the car charged with delivering him to Leicester Square on time and arrived at the venue on foot, late.For other greats (Dick Van Dyke and Keanu Reeves, please stand up), it's not their strongest suit to play.Indeed, Tom Hardy is an indisputably fine actor - as proved in because the Count speaks just like it," he says.That's one way of minimising your promo-window accidentally-on-purpose.Co-star Noomi Rapace, is the opposite: full of enthusiasm about the thriller and keen to grant us an audience.

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