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Three years ago, after two successful studio albums, several Grammy nods and growing respect in the amongst her peers, Sullivan decided to take a hiatus from the music industry because it was "not fun" for her anymore.But, in her new interview, she finally admitted that she told the hosts that her infamous Tweet was a bit of a lie.When she was five years old, her father landed a position as a curator for the city's Historic Strawberry Mansion in the Strawberry Mansion section, and her family moved into the historical landmark.She is a 2005 graduate of the Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts where she was a vocal music major.Though it took a long time for her to move on, she is single and happier than ever with her new project."Forever Doesn't Last" and "Masterpiece" are the two songs she wrote about the relationship on the album.

She can carry all her weight up to G5 while doing some extremely complicated runs (melisma).With that being said, she is completely aware that he is not the right person for her.For the first time ever, she disclosed the details of the incident that proved things had gone too far."When I wrote that, I was going through some things so I was just trying to give an excuse without really telling what exactly was going on with my life and that was the thing that I could think of without saying, 'You know what everybody, I'm going through some real sh-t," she admitted.Watch 'Blackish' Star Tracee Ellis Ross' Hilarious Interview on 'The Breakfast Club!

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