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When asked if this was true Mayer said, "Yeah, songwriters write songs because of people, about people." He went onto say, "Anything someone else wrote is their reception of a song. It's none of my business." Mayer told the Today Show.However, Mayer sings, "You're like 22 girls in one/ And none of them know what they're running from/ Was it just too far to fall for a little paper doll? About: Julian Lennon A song Mc Cartney wrote to comfort John Lennon's son, Julian, during his parents' divorce.It is a mid-tempo, largely acoustic ballad in the key of D minor.The singer describes, while heading to Mobile for a New Year's Eve show, makes a visit to a Montgomery grave (Williams died on New Year's Day 1953), and encounters the ghost of Williams who thanks him for paying tribute before disappearing.Over the years, Simon has divulged "letter clues", and has claimed that the subject's name contains the letters A, E, and R.Shortly before the writing of the song, Simon was married to James Taylor; she has said that he was "definitely not" the subject of the song.

Especially the one about 'an older version of me' and bugging him [Coulier] 'in the middle of dinner.'" Other celebrities have been rumoured to be the lover in the song including: Mike Peluso (hockey player for the New Jersey Devils), Matt Le Blanc (actor) and Leslie Howe (musician and producer).The song also references several Williams hits, including "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry." The song ends with the words "Hank's always singing there". In a 2007 interview, Beatty said, "Let's be honest.About: Maybe Warren Beatty, Mick Jagger, James Taylor or Cat Stevens In a 1989 interview, Simon acknowledged that the song is a little bit about Warren Beatty but said the subject of the song is a composite of three men from her L. That song was about me." Simon has said that Beatty had called and thanked her for the song.So then, everybody presumed I wrote it about Pattie, but actually, when I wrote it, I was thinking of Ray Charles".About: Kurt Cobain Noel Gallagher had no understanding of what depression is and how it works and so he decided that Kurt was taking his incredible success and life in general for granted.

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