Wild turkey predating farm crops

As mentioned, garlic mustard seeds can remain viable for years, so you will need to check a location for new plants.

If you continue to pull plants before they go to seed, then eventually you will exhaust the seed bank and the population will be eliminated.

When pulling, you should remove all the root structure and, if possible, bag the plants rather than leaving them on-site.

The day I was pulling, I was in a remote spot and there were lots of plants, so I piled them in a single location to reduce the risk of spreading seeds.

Garlic mustard is a biennial, meaning it takes two years to complete its life cycle.

The first year there is only a ground-hugging cluster of heart-shaped (some would argue kidney-shaped) leaves.

The result can be a uniform stand of garlic mustard with greatly reduced species diversity.

Wildlife managers will tell you that diversity is essential for species, like whitetail deer and wild turkeys.

These flowers can yield large quantities of seeds, which can remain viable in the soil for years.I headed down the ridge, across the creek bottoms and straight up the far ridge.But by the time I made it halfway up, the woods fell silent. Birds would answer my calls then drift away into the dogwood blooms and early morning fog.The initial gloom the approaching storm stirred in me was replaced by excited anticipation as two turkeys responded to the rumbling with timid gobbles.As the storm continued to build, the thunder came more regularly and the wild turkeys sounded off with more enthusiasm. It was late in the evening and the birds were situated on a hilltop I knew well.

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