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On 19 December, brigades of FSA claimed in videos that they had captured Kafr Zita and all area north of Hama city. Within two days, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that government troops had already been cleared from the towns of Hasraya, and Sheikh Hadid. On 16 December 2012, the Syrian armed opposition launched the 2012 Hama offensive with the intent of taking control of Hama Governorate. Tanks entered Tremseh after forces had shelled the town continuously from 5 a.m. Syrian army forces, whose numbers were bolstered by "Shabeha", accompanied the tanks into Tremseh. On 29 March 2013 the town was reportedly captured by anti-government rebels. A tent where around 100 supporters of President Assad had assembled to discuss an election campaign was shelled on May 22, 2014 killing at least 21 people and wounding dozens more.

However, the Army soon captured 20–23 villages, including most of the ones previously captured by the rebels. During the middle of 2014, rebels launched an attack toward Hama City and Hama military airport.For each governorate, the first city in the table is the governorate capital (and capital city of its district at the same time). In February 2014, a Human Rights Watch official explained that the Assad forces and the government is basically present in three places in Qamishli: One is in the center so they call it kind of ‘security square.’ That also includes some Arab neighborhoods.The following towns are the regional capitals (administrative centers) of the districts. The second is on the Turkish border at the border crossing. Border crossing between towns of Simalka on Syrian side and Fish Khabur on Iraqi side was built by Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government in order to connect Iraqi Kurdistan with Syrian Kurdish regions. On 5 October 2017, the Syrian army recaptured the all area which was under control Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Hama province. As of October 2014, in Northern Hama, rebels are in control of only a few villages near the Idlib governorate.

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