Wwe divas superstars dating

Latimer had been dating Ashley Allen, who was promoting Bram merchandise up until last week on Twitter.

Charlotte was in action at Friday’s night’s WWE live event in Orlando, as well as last night’s show in Daytona Beach.

On February 11, 2015, Charlotte lost the NXT Women’s Championship, but the reality was that it was yet another victory for both her, and the entire division.

Charlotte had convincingly seen off all contenders, and was dethroned only in a Fatal 4-Way Match at Born Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr, the third child of Ric Flair was a supreme athlete from a young age.

F4goes so far as to state that the two are “no longer married,” a fact that had not been reported on by any media outlets until the story of Latimer’s arrest, and subsequent suspension by TNA, was announced this morning.

Still no official word on the victim of the alleged domestic assault by strangulation and false imprisonment, but Latimer posted images on social media of himself with a girlfriend over the past few months, further reinforcing the notion that he and Charlotte, real name Ashley Fliehr, are no longer together.

Her personal contributions were also acknowledged in the form of awards for Best Defensive Player (2002-03), Most Valuable Player (2003), and North Carolina Player of the Year (2004-05).

She was a highly-anticipated prospect at Appalachian State University, a full scholarship athlete in varsity volleyball, playing for the Southern Conference squad.

In the midst of several injuries to significant members of the roster, a largely absent World Heavyweight Champion, and creative that actually subtracted from the popularity of some performers, it was often difficult to get excited for the next slice of hype.

Training under former WCW competitor Lodi and then veteran George South at the Rings facility in North Carolina, she showed a desire to get into the thick of the action, making her progress all the more rapid.

Charlotte Not Involved In Bram’s Domestic Violence Arrest August 31, 2015 – Multiple sources now report that not only was WWE Diva Charlotte not involved in the domestic violence arrest of Thomas Latimer, better known as TNA wrestler Bram, but that the two are separated and in the process of divorcing.

The California-born Diva’s actions set the stage for a Fatal 4-Way Match for the NXT Women’s Championship at on February 11, 2015.

At the event, Charlotte was pinned by Banks and lost the NXT Women’s Championship to her former best friend.

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