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You can see how filtering becomes more difficult just with this tendency alone. You know, talking about how your trip to Iceland is going to be so much random fun, a life experience, beautiful, and so exciting because you’re going alone (even though it’s a guided tour and the crime rate in Iceland is zero). If you do all these, you might have a snowballs chance in hell, which is where I’m going after some women decide to read this. After a mere month of meeting her (there was nothing beyond the first date), she updated her Facebook status as engaged. I mean, I’m happy for them, but it’s just one example of the situations people are jumping online with. Remember, just because they’ve joined, doesn’t mean they’re ready.

I try not to get distracted by the machine of dating. Looking for something else while you thought you were exploring what seemed to be a good connection.

I think 10 years ago this would be the equivalent of coming out of the closet. What I didn’t tell you was why I didn’t remember them. It was online dating and the disconnect it creates. Except, the profiles give you information so you can pick someone up that’s more suitable for you in terms of a connection. Whether you’re the one that pursued another connection or not is irrelevant; it’s bound to happen with so many choices and sites. The longer it takes you, the more money they get in monthly fees that you stay connected. You know, pictures where you’re wearing plaid, showing you can grow a beard, holding an axe as if you know what to do with it, pretending to have fun while camping.

You see, last spring, I joined a dating site, and was astounded by the amount of choice, options, and potential there was in networking and meeting women this way. Another aspect of online dating I learned was that both men and women have it equally as tough. And some pics of you being cool at a new club, that in reality, sucked balls and was dead that night. Everyone signs up, and you literally have no clue what their intentions are.

I mean, it’s a woman’s market after all, they’re the commodity. Then I realized, it’s difficult for both men and women for different reasons. So you just hijacked photos from Google images and superimposed your head in the crowd because in your heart, you knew you were there. Oh, and round up your salary by ,000 and justify it by saying to yourself you’re going to make that in 10 more years at your place of employment anyway. Hmmm, if I convert that to metric, is that around 100km? The whole thing becomes a second job for both men and women. You end up with a pool of people with extremely diverse situations, intentions, histories and backgrounds.

Guys tend to lie about intentions, women tend to embellish or fabricate looks in some way. That night was epic, and went by so quick you can hardly remember it. Always make sure your body type selected is ‘athletic’. You definitely need a kick ass profile, that’s equally funny, zen, and adventurous. I remember going on a date with a woman who had just recently joined. The same guy you complained about on the first date?

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