Yoruba dating dating for one month anniversary quotes

Yoruba traditional marriage entails two stages which are introduction and engagement.

The introductory stage entails the groom family introducing themselves to the bride’s family and making their intension known that they wants their daughter’s hand in marriage to their son.

Dating Nigerian Men Here is where it goes wrong most of the times…

The man runs the home irrespective of ‘how much’ the wife is worth.

Once they agreed that they love each other and will like to take the relationship to the next stage, they will both inform their parents.

The consent of the bride’s family is important and the groom and his family are usually happy to have that consent.

Well, that is because we were pretty spoilt back home, In Nigeria, we think the main responsibility of a man is to pay the bills, we can pay all the bill and even more but we don’t wash no dishes, we don’t change no diapers, we pay someone to do that if our wife is gainfully employed.

Women from the western world got “ego” and that is simply why Nigerian men don’t marry far away from home.

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