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Sure, some people are lucky and they don’t need any help.But you haven’t experienced that same “luck,” so it’s time to take control of the outcome, or at least to increase your odds.Taking the DSA is the pivotal step that will jumpstart your love life’s transformation process and enable you to achieve the result you want: to get on the road to finding REAL LOVE starting immediately!The people around you, no matter how close and trusted, are unlikely to be this honest, and may not know how to give you the insight you will need to get your love life to bloom.Using this awesome assessment, I can help you figure out the missing link in your approach to dating once and for all.In just an hour, you’ll get extremely valuable insight to help you understand your strengths, weaknesses, and patterns – the ones that are blocking the way to YOUR LOVE LIFE SUCCESS and negatively affecting your dating life.

The time you spend and lose, the energy you expend and waste, the weeks and years that go by with the wrong guys… You spend ridiculous amounts of money on food, shoes, makeup, clothes, your hair, your car, your etc etc etc…

And that’s, honestly, an irresponsible way to find love.

Even gamblers (the ones who actually make money off of it) hire coaches to teach them the strategies to increase their odds.

Let’s put it this way: this assessment is the expert insight that, up to this point, has been missing from your quest for love.

It’s time to get serious and face your future with honest, helpful feedback that you can actually use!

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    The spreadsheet can be in the same workbook or in a different workbook file.